Isnin, 23 Februari 2015

Kinda feeling

Assalamualaikum wbt

After a looooonggggg break due to CNY, tomorrow i'm going to start the normal routine... (1) wake up (2) prepare self to work (3) drive to work (4) start working (5)  go back home (6) bla bla bla

But.. The thing is..normally after a long break like this..we are suppose to feel more refresh to start work again. Me? Nay..!! It was really really really break my heart into little little pieces!!! 

Actually i did start my holiday ever since last friday..yeah..friday before the CNY.. Yeah.. I took one whole week.. Yeah.. It was not enough... Yeah... 

U know it was like the thorn that get in my heart when i looked at the kids. I cant see their face any longer so that i wont cry at that time. But..i tell u it was really break my soul. 

How i just imagine that they are right in front of my eyes right now.Now? Now? Even i gave a call just now to inform that i arrived safely. And that time they asked me when will i come back. 

Oh my!! If i can just pick the money from the tree, i wont leave u both ever!!! I'm so sorry sayang have to leave u so soon. I promise i will come back as soon as i can. 

Dear Allah...please dont apart us the world and hereafter.  

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